Summer Vacation - Week #4

Last Monday, Parker and I spent recuperating from our trip/drive to Myrtle Beach (sorry Clint!). We hung out at home and had some fun playing. 

He was so proud to wipe Zoe's feet off all by himself.

 We LOVE playing & relaxing in our backyard!!

Of course there are popsicles involved.

Tuesday we went to BW3's for dinner and then we went to Half Price Books. Parker loves to sit at the table and chairs and read books!

We also like to try on fun hats as daddy pays for our books!

 Wednesday we went to Hummel Park to play!

He does this thing where he finds the biggest rock he can, then he puts it on top of his foot and says "Help mommy! Parker stuck!" He is such a goob!

I have no idea what he did Thursday because it's summer. 

Friday morning we  left for Dale Hollow Lake! Well, we left after I made a quick trip to Meijer that ended up not being quick because I locked my keys in the car. in the rain. But Clint and a random stranger saved the day!!

who decided to do all these roadtrips?!?

our view of the lake!
vacation = popcorn
riding on a boat is hard work

Conner & Parker were boatin buddies!

Sunday night when we got home, he was too tired to do anything but watch Paw Patrol & eat some popcorn ;)

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  1. I love his big rock production. Sounds like developmental play for attachment. He's checking to make sure he's safe with you, and that he can depend on mommy to keep him safe. Safe testing of boundaries. Adorable.