Parker Update

I haven't done much of an update on Parker in forever other than his birthday party so I thought I'd share some things about him!

If you couldn't tell by his Lego birthday party, he is really into Legos!

Not only does he like playing with them, but he loves building the sets! Many of the sets he has, he built by himself! I'm so impressed that he can read the instructions and get the creations built right! There are some pieces he usually needs help with or figuring out the directions but otherwise he is really good at Legos!

 He also likes building his own creations with just a bucket of bricks. For his birthday, I bought a cedar chest from Goodwill, sanded it, and painted it. Grandma Gail bought some Lego plates that  I glued to the top of the trunk, in addition to a bunch of extra plates for just building.

It came out pretty good!

Lately Parker has been really into writing and crafts. He loves to write cards for people. I bought a ton of blank cards and he has written many! He loves writing on the magna doodle, drawing pictures, painting, and cutting. He is obsessed with spelling lately! He wants to know how to spell everything! He loves cutting too.

He made crowns for him and Beckham.

He loves playing outside and we are both so glad the weather is better! We love going to the park, having picnics, playing on the playground, going to the creek, taking walks, and going for bike rides. 

We love Hummel Park for the creek and bike trails!

We got a new wagon that is much comfier for two!

A little selfie video action in the bike trailer :)

(He's in the blue shirt.) 

He has always been pretty adventurous! I was glad to see him socializing with other kids too! He can be shy at times.

He loves his brother!
He did gymnastics at Westside last spring and he was interested in going again this year. So I signed him for the 2nd spring session which ended last week and again for the first summer session. He really enjoys it and he is getting better!

Being at home this year is nice, because I got to sign him up for the daytime class! It is so much calmer during the day and the class is small.

He also did swim lessons at BDHS in March. He did well but it kind of was a chaotic session. I will probably look somewhere else next time.

Parker also loves working out in the basement, mostly with daddy but sometimes I get in there too. He can certainly show us a move or two ;)

Earlier this year I started checking out preschools and found one in Avon that I really liked called Apple House Preschool Cooperative. I was just a bit late on finding it because his age class was already full. However, he is the first kid on the waitlist so I am pretty confident he'll make it in. We took a tour a few weeks back and although he wanted to stay in the car while I went it, he ended up really liking it!

He went straight to the name writing station when they started free time :)

They planted seeds that day and let Parker do one too. I cracked up at how he wrote all the letters backwards because he had to write it vertically!
If you remember when we redid the bedrooms last spring, we bought Parker a new bed that was actually a bunk bed. We had the intentions of putting them together once Beckham was bigger. Well, Parker really wanted them together now. He really thought Beckham was going to be able to sleep on the bottom since he can stand in his crib but we explained that he's still too small :)
yep, just a tad too small ;)

He fell asleep watching me sit in the rocking chair :)
Parker has always been a big book lover! He really enjoys reading alone and also now with Beckham.

Now just some hodge podge pics and vids...

He LOVES helping cook!!

Cat jammies made by grandma Laurie

reading with his friends and granny

Clint has been working in Bloomington for a while so we met him for lunch and visited the Wonderlab. It was a lot of fun!

Parker loves to use the filters on Snapchat and this is one of my favorites:

clean teeth!

celebrating daddy's birthday!

Hanging out with grandpa before they moved.

indoor park day


I can't believe how fast he is growing and changing! 

Beckham - 44 Weeks

Likes: blowing bubbles, spitting, food, crawling, standing, furniture cruising, peekaboo, calling daddy on the phone, bouncing, crossing his little feetsies

Dislikes: being tired, getting in his crib

What's New in the Last Week: He has figured out clapping sort of...sometimes he does it and sometimes he does it sort of backwards! He has figured out how to yell for fun...especially when I turn on the vacuum! He is pretty close to standing alone...he has done it several times and his balance is improving! 

He had his first two injuries. He pulled the end table over on his head trying to stand up and had the worst goose egg ever. It swelled up instantly to a purple and blue ping pong ball. I felt so terrible for him! He did it on Monday and now it is all yellow ;( Then on Wednesday he crawled over to the fireplace gate and climbed up on it and got his index finger pinched in it and then fell over with the gate on top of him! It ended up not really being that bad but I instantly thought he was going to have the tip of his finger cut off like my little sister did when she was about his age. Luckily it wasn't pinched tight, just enough to hurt.There isn't even a bruise. So rough week for Beckham! This whole pulling up and standing business is dangerous!

poor fella with a big ole bruise!