Beckham - 10 Months

Yep...taking his picture every week/month is definitely getting harder! He used to love just sitting but the last week or so, all he wants to do is stand!

Measurements: He was 20 lb 11oz on Monday. That puts him just about the 50th percentile for weight. I would totally go in his room right now and measure him but he's curled up in the corner of his crib. He has been wearing 9-12 month sized clothes for a bit now and they fit him pretty well. Some of his pants are really long, but I think that's just because some places make their clothes weird.

*Edit: He is 28 inches long! That puts him just under the 25th percentile for height.

Milestones: He is crawling! He started crawling a day or two before we went to Florida (so the last week of March). Then pretty much the next week he decided he wanted to move on to standing. He has been testing the waters lately but pulling up on things and letting go or lunging towards something. I think he will start walking in the next month or two. This crawling business is fun though. He has started to realize that he can actually get places now, like down the hall or around the corner. But of course he always get sidetracked by something that he can stand up with. 

In addition to the crawling and standing, he is going through a fun nap phase. As soon as I lay him down, he rolls over and sits up and then crawls to the edge and stands up. I tried going back in and laying him down, but that didn't really work out. So then I finally just had to let him figure it out, which usually means he falls asleep sitting or leaning up against the rails. Sometimes if he falls asleep in a good position I can pull his legs out from under him so he is laying down but other times he just sleeps like that. He also sometimes rolls himself around enough to lay down. I'm ok with this because otherwise he wasn't napping much and it helps him learn to go back to sleep at night. Because, yeah...still not sleeping all night.

He also got his two bottom teeth on the last day we were in Florida (so beginning of April). They still aren't all the way in yet...they are slow movers! Luckily, he seems to be like Parker and not really show any signs of teething!

Daily Schedule: Generally he wakes up around 7am. We have breakfast between 7 and 8. He loves yogurt! Definitely one of his favorites! I also usually give him bananas or another fruit. He also likes yogurt drops or cheerios. He wasn't a fan of oatmeal early on but I haven't tried it in a while...I'll add that to tomorrow's breakfast. After breakfast we play, play, play. He goes down (or in his crib rather) for a nap sometime around 10. He naps anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. 

After his nap we play some more until lunch. Until recently he had been eating about one jar of baby food plus a few other things, like crackers or a few pieces of fruit or veggies. Lately he seems to want to eat more than that so I am pretty ready to move past baby food and more regular food. Especially now that he has some teeth!

After guessed it! Playtime! He takes another nap around 1:30 or 2pm. This nap can be hit or miss in length...sometimes short, like 30 min. and sometimes over an hour. If it's short, then he usually needs another nap before dinner but lately he hasn't been taking a 3rd one even if he needs it So I'm really trying to get him to stretch that nap out so he can make it past dinner. Otherwise, he goes to bed at 6 or 6:30. If he takes a good afternoon nap, then he goes to bed around 7 or 7:30pm. 

While he is still not sleeping all night, he has definitely doing better! He hasn't been waking up before midnight much and he has even had several nights where he slept from 7pm until 4am! So luckily we are getting there! It's about 50/50 on waking up once or twice.

We have made it 10 months with breastfeeding and luckily this last week or so he has stretched out the times to now about every 4-5 hours. Until recently, he was still feeding every 3ish. We are going to Hawaii at the end of May so I am trying to work up a stash of milk but once I calculated the number of bottles he'll need, I kind of freaked! I'm not sure I'll have about 50 bottles worth of milk, but we'll see! I currently have 15. I've got some serious work to do! Ha! Hawaii will be worth it though ;)

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