Parker: 4 Years Old

Last Sunday Parker turned 4 years old! He decided a while back that he wanted a Lego themed birthday party! He has been really into Legos since a little before Christmas. 

I designed these invitations and ordered Parker a Lego shirt. I perused Pinterest and Google images for a Lego cake but everything looked professionally made and let's be real, I don't want to pay that much for a cake. I ended up finding a tutorial for a marshmallow fondant that you could use with a Lego mold that I found at the Lego store for a couple bucks. I made one batch of the fondant in white and got some pretty good Lego pieces. So then the week of his birthday I tried making more but adding icing coloring and it was the stickiest mess ever! So I tossed all the fondant and made Lego pieces from candy melts. My mother in law made the cake and icing and I think it turned out pretty well!

He received several boxes of Legos which he was so excited about! 

Since his birthday was actually on Sunday and that was also Easter, we had his party on Saturday. Then on his birthday we made birthday cake pancakes and played Pie Face which he was dying for!

Happy 4th birthday Parker!! We love you!!

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