Beckham - 44 Weeks

Likes: blowing bubbles, spitting, food, crawling, standing, furniture cruising, peekaboo, calling daddy on the phone, bouncing, crossing his little feetsies

Dislikes: being tired, getting in his crib

What's New in the Last Week: He has figured out clapping sort of...sometimes he does it and sometimes he does it sort of backwards! He has figured out how to yell for fun...especially when I turn on the vacuum! He is pretty close to standing alone...he has done it several times and his balance is improving! 

He had his first two injuries. He pulled the end table over on his head trying to stand up and had the worst goose egg ever. It swelled up instantly to a purple and blue ping pong ball. I felt so terrible for him! He did it on Monday and now it is all yellow ;( Then on Wednesday he crawled over to the fireplace gate and climbed up on it and got his index finger pinched in it and then fell over with the gate on top of him! It ended up not really being that bad but I instantly thought he was going to have the tip of his finger cut off like my little sister did when she was about his age. Luckily it wasn't pinched tight, just enough to hurt.There isn't even a bruise. So rough week for Beckham! This whole pulling up and standing business is dangerous!

poor fella with a big ole bruise!

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