23 Weeks

Little Man is 23 weeks old today! He weighed 16 pounds and 2 ounces on Monday. 

We have been having so much fun these last couple of weeks because Clint has been working nights. We get to hang out quite a bit during the day and do lots of fun things especially now that the weather is nice. I have 2 weeks left before I have to go back to work :( However I only have to work one week before we go to fall break :) Which also means our trip to California! We are so excited!!

Likes: his Cubs pillow pet, watching Zoe & Lucy, when you pretend to drop him, peek-a-boo, his musical keyboard toy thing, stuffed fox, and his Nuby ring, chewing on his hands and feet, getting his socks off

Dislikes: when you leave him alone

What's New in the Last Week: he has started to show other people his crabby side when he gets handed off and he has started screeching again!

He is still working on rolling onto his belly but he can sit pretty well now! He just loves being such a wiggle worm!

Lost one sock...about to lose the other!

time for some fall clothes!!

he loves this musical toy

bundled up for our garage sale and attracting all the customers

Parker and his cousin Annabelle

always has sock fuzz

got a new Oball

playing with his pillow pet

being attacked by the pillow pet

attacking the pillow pet

being silly at Menards

reading the paper at Panera

bath time!

Lucy has decided to give Parker a bath a couple times this week...not sure why she likes his hair or why he lets her lick his head. Our house is filled with weirdos of all ages!

Fun Videos

Parker is getting good at scooting backwards while laying on his back!

Parker loves Zoe!! Every now and then she'll let him pet her.

Parker also loves Lucy. She is much more tolerant of him than Zoe!

He is getting so close to rolling onto his belly!

22 Weeks

Now that Parker is 22 weeks old...I feel kind of weird saying how old he is in weeks. I also decided to do a comparison photo like when I was pregnant. I meant to do one last week...maybe I'll make one and post it later.

The weekly photos don't show his size (actually length) but you can see the changes he's gone through! Big one: hair! He started out with a decent amount and then lost a bunch...now his little fuzz head is out of control!

Likes: his bouncer, Nuby teething ring (although he doesn't chew on it), listening to books, stuffed fox, blowing on his hair, tickling his sides, watching and petting the pets, standing

Dislikes: waking up in the middle of the night, toys out of reach

What's New in the Last Week: he's sitting for longer by himself, shows unhappiness when he can't get his toys or you take them out of his hand

Baby butt

One of the many silly pictures this week!

"Library books!!!'

Just hangin out with his pals!

smiles all day!

My baby bunny!

5 months old

Just bouncing!
Extra silly faces from yesterday!

I have several videos I want to share but they are taking forever to upload so check back tomorrow for yet another blog post!! Toodles!

5 Months Old

Big Milestones: Parker is so close to rolling over onto his belly. He just needs to get over his arm that is closest to the floor. He can sit by himself for a little while before toppling over onto his side or face first. He is babbling quite a bit and has mamama and bababa down pat. Sometimes I think he is saying mama and means it ;)

Measurements: Last week he weighed 15 pounds 12 ounces so I am sure he is close to 16 pounds this week! He is still 26 inches long. 

Daily Schedule: He is still running on about the same routine as he was at 4 months. He wakes up around 7:30 and naps for about a half an hour every three hours. He also eats about every three hours too. He will start eating solids next month...I am looking forward to see what he likes! He usually goes to bed by 8:00...some nights even a little earlier! The week before and after he was sick he was waking up once or twice a night but this last week he was back to 11 hours of sleep. Thanks goodness!

He's growing so fast and I hope these next few weeks go a little slower before I have to go back to work!

Laundry Room Makeover - Part 2

Basically the laundry room makeover is complete. The only things left to do are redo the shelve compartments above the washer & dryer, hang up a few decorations, and install a transition piece on the floor to the basement stairs. I don't want to do a complete reveal until it is finished but I will show you a few updated pictures because Clint has been bugging me :) He wants everyone to see his handy work (and not make it seem like it's been unfinished forever!).

Clint made this wonderful bench seat! The bins that are underneath are actually going to go in the new shelf Clint is building for above the washer and dryer. I found bins with the same pattern but the were half the height and I really wanted the bigger ones...so my wonderful husband is going to make a new shelf :) He's so awesome! 

Speaking of awesome...I made the beautiful purple cushion on top of the bench! It may not be the best sewing job but I did it on my own! It is even removable! I used velco instead of a zipper but now it can be washed if needed.

I really like the coat hook we picked out! We pretty much only use the garage door when we enter/exit which means our coats etc. end up laying on the island or the chairs in the kitchen. Now we have an easy place to leave them!

 Close up on my pretty bench cushion!

I love having a shelf right above the washer & dryer so that the dryer doesn't collect a bunch of crap. Hopefully the shelf won't start collecting everything either! I bought a small bin in the same pattern to hold a few random things (Zoe's leash, dust buster cord, etc). 

What do you think about my washer & dryer makeover? I bought brushed nickel spray paint and covered the doors to spruce them up! We have a lot of white in the laundry room so this toned it down a smidge. Everyone thinks we bought a new set!

The shelves that are up at the top now are going to come down and go in my closet. Much prettier ones will be going up soon!

Our lovely pocket door that started this all! And Zoe's blurry head!

Stay tuned for the final reveal!!

21 Weeks

Parker is 21 weeks old today! He currently weighs 15 pounds 12 ounces. All week he has continued to have a runny nose with some congestion (both in his head and lungs). So Monday after breastfeeding group I took him to the doctor's office to see if they had a spot open (the group and doctor's office are both at IU West).  Luckily they could fit him in right away. He didn't see his normal doctor but the one we saw was really nice. He checked out his ears and throat and listened to his lungs. He said he was fine and just to watch for a fever. I figured he was fine but I just wasn't sure how long you should let his symptoms stick around. 

Likes: being tickled on his thighs and under his arms, sitting up (but leaning over to hold himself up), his Oball football (since it has lots of holes for his fingers), chewing on his toys, talking, trying to pet Zoe & Lucy, bouncing in his bouncer

Dislike: naptime, diaper changes in the middle of the night

What's New in the Last Week: he definitely has distinct sounds (mamama, bababa) and he loves to say them and he is getting better at sitting up (although he definitely takes a tumble soometimes!)

hey big belly

he was acting like Zoe and burrowing on my lap!

conk shoo, conk shoo

ultimate fuzzhead!

cutest face ever

yummy piggies

His pinkie toes both had blisters...I think from jumping in his bounce so much! We stick a pillow under it because he's too short but no more pillow!

I just love this face!

One of my new favorite pictures!

20 Weeks

Parker is 20 weeks old! I can't hardly believe that!! 

Today he is still recovering from being sick over the weekend. Poor little guy woke up at 3 am Saturday morning with the stuffiest nose and a low fever. Obviously I was a little worried but he was just having a good old time in his crib playing while Clint & I tried to take his temperature and clean out is nose! When he woke up later in the morning he had the same symptoms but was still playful and in good spirits. So we decided to keep our plans and head to Bloomington to see our friends Amy & George. Well as soon as we got there the poor little feller was miserable and threw up twice. Not a pretty sight. After that though he actually acted a little better. We hung out for a while and then came home. Once we were home he was definitely worn out. Yesterday he was still stuffy, congested and a little tired but he was a happy and playful baby! Today he seems almost back to normal Parker. Luckily it wasn't a horrible sickness for his first cold. I also think the Vicks vaporizer has helped with the congestion and runny nose.

Likes: playing peek-a-boo with daddy, playtime, raspberries on his legs and belly, daddy's scratchy beard

Dislikes: naptime

What's New in the Last Week: being sick, his baby talk includes more paired vowels and consonants, and he has started to pick things up and throw them to the side like he doesn't want them

good one daddy!

practicing giving kisses!

His hair is O.O.C.

Hey cutie!

Nice hat!

Sick and cuddly

feeling better!

We have been doing lots of tummy time lately and he is doing so well with it. I would love for him to be able to crawl before I go back to work ;)

Before I took this video he kept taking the ring and throwing it behind him. He thought he was being soo cute :)