22 Weeks

Now that Parker is 22 weeks old...I feel kind of weird saying how old he is in weeks. I also decided to do a comparison photo like when I was pregnant. I meant to do one last week...maybe I'll make one and post it later.

The weekly photos don't show his size (actually length) but you can see the changes he's gone through! Big one: hair! He started out with a decent amount and then lost a bunch...now his little fuzz head is out of control!

Likes: his bouncer, Nuby teething ring (although he doesn't chew on it), listening to books, stuffed fox, blowing on his hair, tickling his sides, watching and petting the pets, standing

Dislikes: waking up in the middle of the night, toys out of reach

What's New in the Last Week: he's sitting for longer by himself, shows unhappiness when he can't get his toys or you take them out of his hand

Baby butt

One of the many silly pictures this week!

"Library books!!!'

Just hangin out with his pals!

smiles all day!

My baby bunny!

5 months old

Just bouncing!
Extra silly faces from yesterday!

I have several videos I want to share but they are taking forever to upload so check back tomorrow for yet another blog post!! Toodles!


  1. He's gotten so much bigger since I saw him! And beware of the hair lol. Emerson's is now totally out of control! Sorry I missed the library meet up. I totally spaced it (can I still blame baby brain with a 1 year old?).

  2. Dale said since you always liked troll dolls, you got your own little troll doll with Parker's hair - just need to dye it green! I love the picture at the top, and the one of him in the bouncer! he's such a happy kid!