20 Weeks

Parker is 20 weeks old! I can't hardly believe that!! 

Today he is still recovering from being sick over the weekend. Poor little guy woke up at 3 am Saturday morning with the stuffiest nose and a low fever. Obviously I was a little worried but he was just having a good old time in his crib playing while Clint & I tried to take his temperature and clean out is nose! When he woke up later in the morning he had the same symptoms but was still playful and in good spirits. So we decided to keep our plans and head to Bloomington to see our friends Amy & George. Well as soon as we got there the poor little feller was miserable and threw up twice. Not a pretty sight. After that though he actually acted a little better. We hung out for a while and then came home. Once we were home he was definitely worn out. Yesterday he was still stuffy, congested and a little tired but he was a happy and playful baby! Today he seems almost back to normal Parker. Luckily it wasn't a horrible sickness for his first cold. I also think the Vicks vaporizer has helped with the congestion and runny nose.

Likes: playing peek-a-boo with daddy, playtime, raspberries on his legs and belly, daddy's scratchy beard

Dislikes: naptime

What's New in the Last Week: being sick, his baby talk includes more paired vowels and consonants, and he has started to pick things up and throw them to the side like he doesn't want them

good one daddy!

practicing giving kisses!

His hair is O.O.C.

Hey cutie!

Nice hat!

Sick and cuddly

feeling better!

We have been doing lots of tummy time lately and he is doing so well with it. I would love for him to be able to crawl before I go back to work ;)

Before I took this video he kept taking the ring and throwing it behind him. He thought he was being soo cute :)


  1. His hair is crazy! It looks so cute. He's going to be crawling in no time!

    Glad he's feeling better, and that he wasn't super sick --

  2. I love his little chicken hairs! And he's getting SOOO BIG!!! I can't wait to see you in October!!!

  3. And Clint's diaper change is OOC. C'mon big guy, you can do better!