Laundry Room Makeover - Part 2

Basically the laundry room makeover is complete. The only things left to do are redo the shelve compartments above the washer & dryer, hang up a few decorations, and install a transition piece on the floor to the basement stairs. I don't want to do a complete reveal until it is finished but I will show you a few updated pictures because Clint has been bugging me :) He wants everyone to see his handy work (and not make it seem like it's been unfinished forever!).

Clint made this wonderful bench seat! The bins that are underneath are actually going to go in the new shelf Clint is building for above the washer and dryer. I found bins with the same pattern but the were half the height and I really wanted the bigger my wonderful husband is going to make a new shelf :) He's so awesome! 

Speaking of awesome...I made the beautiful purple cushion on top of the bench! It may not be the best sewing job but I did it on my own! It is even removable! I used velco instead of a zipper but now it can be washed if needed.

I really like the coat hook we picked out! We pretty much only use the garage door when we enter/exit which means our coats etc. end up laying on the island or the chairs in the kitchen. Now we have an easy place to leave them!

 Close up on my pretty bench cushion!

I love having a shelf right above the washer & dryer so that the dryer doesn't collect a bunch of crap. Hopefully the shelf won't start collecting everything either! I bought a small bin in the same pattern to hold a few random things (Zoe's leash, dust buster cord, etc). 

What do you think about my washer & dryer makeover? I bought brushed nickel spray paint and covered the doors to spruce them up! We have a lot of white in the laundry room so this toned it down a smidge. Everyone thinks we bought a new set!

The shelves that are up at the top now are going to come down and go in my closet. Much prettier ones will be going up soon!

Our lovely pocket door that started this all! And Zoe's blurry head!

Stay tuned for the final reveal!!


  1. I check the progress on Wednesdays and though the washer and dryer were new.

  2. well, you know I love the pocket door - -and it makes the room a lot more roomy. I like the bench in place of the old sink -- and you did a great job on the cushion! can't wait to see the finished room!