21 Weeks

Parker is 21 weeks old today! He currently weighs 15 pounds 12 ounces. All week he has continued to have a runny nose with some congestion (both in his head and lungs). So Monday after breastfeeding group I took him to the doctor's office to see if they had a spot open (the group and doctor's office are both at IU West).  Luckily they could fit him in right away. He didn't see his normal doctor but the one we saw was really nice. He checked out his ears and throat and listened to his lungs. He said he was fine and just to watch for a fever. I figured he was fine but I just wasn't sure how long you should let his symptoms stick around. 

Likes: being tickled on his thighs and under his arms, sitting up (but leaning over to hold himself up), his Oball football (since it has lots of holes for his fingers), chewing on his toys, talking, trying to pet Zoe & Lucy, bouncing in his bouncer

Dislike: naptime, diaper changes in the middle of the night

What's New in the Last Week: he definitely has distinct sounds (mamama, bababa) and he loves to say them and he is getting better at sitting up (although he definitely takes a tumble soometimes!)

hey big belly

he was acting like Zoe and burrowing on my lap!

conk shoo, conk shoo

ultimate fuzzhead!

cutest face ever

yummy piggies

His pinkie toes both had blisters...I think from jumping in his bounce so much! We stick a pillow under it because he's too short but no more pillow!

I just love this face!

One of my new favorite pictures!


  1. the video of him in his bouncer is hilarious!! I love how happy he is in there --

  2. I love the bouncer vid! Especially when he looks at you and smiles so big! And I love all the pics with his footies in his mouth :) And the one of him holding and kissing your face is probably my new favorite one. Soooo precious!

  3. Man, I had to come back and watch the bouncer video again! I think I'm going to make my class watch it tomorrow, LOL!