So I started working towards my master's degree this semester. One assignment was to start a blog related to technology. I was a little upset that they weren't asking us to make a blog for a classroom because I didn't want to have to manage 2 blogs...but I started a new one anyways. Then I started another new one for my students to write on...so I have kind of gone blog crazy.

In addition to becoming obsessed with all sorts of blogs, I have now spent way to much time browsing blog backgrounds. I have found way too many that I like that I can hardly decide on one. So you can expect for this background to be changed sometime.

I have recently also become obsessed with this clip from Madagascar:
I thought I could post the video...but I guess not :(

In other news...I'm going to watch the Grammy's tonight...if Taylor Swift starts winning every award then I may not watch it all, because I am a little sick of her and her "ohmygoshIcan'tbelievethisishappening" acceptance speeches. I do hope the Lady Antebellum wins their awards! Lindsay knows how much I have become obsessed with them!

The House is Complete!

Well, the fixer house actually was finished right before the new year, but I haven't blogged since then.

We have decided that we are going to try to sell it. It would be really crappy if we rented it out and the renter wrecked the house. They spent way to much time and money for it to get damaged. If you know of anyone that needs a renovated home for cheap, pass it on! Here is the flyer.