So I started working towards my master's degree this semester. One assignment was to start a blog related to technology. I was a little upset that they weren't asking us to make a blog for a classroom because I didn't want to have to manage 2 blogs...but I started a new one anyways. Then I started another new one for my students to write on...so I have kind of gone blog crazy.

In addition to becoming obsessed with all sorts of blogs, I have now spent way to much time browsing blog backgrounds. I have found way too many that I like that I can hardly decide on one. So you can expect for this background to be changed sometime.

I have recently also become obsessed with this clip from Madagascar:
I thought I could post the video...but I guess not :(

In other news...I'm going to watch the Grammy's tonight...if Taylor Swift starts winning every award then I may not watch it all, because I am a little sick of her and her "ohmygoshIcan'tbelievethisishappening" acceptance speeches. I do hope the Lady Antebellum wins their awards! Lindsay knows how much I have become obsessed with them!

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  1. Hehe. You are a little obsessed with several things as of late. However, I do like this background. It has a nice implied texture.

    Totally with you on the Taylor Swift biz-nas. She's on my nerves as well. I thought maybe it was just because I am biased against all things country but apparently even country lovers are thinking it too.