So I was really hyped up about the Grammys this year for some reason. Usually I don't make an advanced plan to watch some awards shows but I did this year. Now I remember why I don't. I was really disappointed in the first three performances:
  1. Lady GaGa's opening act was bleh. I especially did not like the guy that was announcing during the singing ?? although I did enjoy the Elton John collaboration.
  2. Beyonce's performance had to be great I had though. "Boy" was that a the pun! Of her last five songs or so "If I Were a Boy" is the only one I really dislike. So of course that is what she sang...not to mention the most random mashup of Alanis. wtf? Not to mention that she totally almost fell down the stairs! bahaha
  3. Pink and her strappy outfit spinning uncontrollably and then dipped in some water. I get that she was trying to be artsy or something? but the outfit was so hideous that's all I could think of. I actually liked the song though and I thought she was really pretty from the neck up and ankles down (the shoes).
Thankfully, the B.E.P. got me back into the mood! Although Fergie's visor was ridiculous, I thought they were really good!Other thoughts:
  1. The Green Day things was meh. I am not really a big fan of them but it was ok.
  2. Taylor Swift is so goofy when she collaborates with these 80's singers/bands. She is over the top with head-bobbin! I am tired of hearing her teeny bop songs too.
  3. I really like Jamie Foxx's song "Blame It" and I loved TPain as the orchestra leader, but the performance by Foxx was :P he was so lip synching it was ridiculous!
  4. The MJ song was kind of cool...I totally wish Lindsay and I would have grabbed the 3d glasses we tried on at Target a few hours earlier! I also really like Carrie Underwood.
  5. Lady Antebellum was good...but their style is nothing crazy or different, which is kind of why I like them.
  6. I liked the May J Blige song with the opera guy even though I kind of don't like her anymore because of how she was on American Idol...kind of rude and mean.
  7. I am glad that the opening host wasn't on much because he was annoying and not funny.

I stopped watching about 10 but the rest is on DVR so I may finish it later this week.


  1. 1. I hate Taylor "Squitny Eyes" Swift.
    2. I was sooo thinking the same things about the MJ 3-D goggles.
    3. Pink should keep her day job and not join Cirque du Soleil.
    4. I love all things Gaga even if she's a total wacko.
    5. Seriously, "If I were a Boy" is the lamest of her songs...and I totally cracked up when she almost fell. That may have made the mash up bearable.
    6. All of the mash ups were TOO MUCH.
    7. Don't bother watching the rest. It was just at crappy as the rest, with lots of Taylor Swift squinting.

    Thank you for your needs (and for blogging two days in a row!)

  2. I would say a visor in ANY way is a mistake. :)