Zoe loves the monkey!

Two years ago at Dales' family Christmas someone bought several flying monkeys. We took one home and Zoe really liked it. She had it for quite a while until she completely demoished it like everything else in our house. Well, Lindsay found one at Half Price Books one day. Zoe was in heaven! The 2nd monkey didn't last as long because Zoe had grown up and learned to destroy things in mere days. I went to HPB yesterday and saw the flying monkey! I decided to get one.
Here is the real thing:

Zoe was in love again! Here is a pic with her monkey:

Her is a video (kind of hard to see because it was dark):

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  1. Bwhahaha. I was hoping you'd take a video. Last time I was there I looked for them and didn't see any. I was totally going to buy one just so we could make a video. It would have been awesome if we had a video of the 2nd monkey. Remember how she catapulted across the room feet first on to the love seat? Good times.

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ya! Ay ya a yaaaaaaaaaaaa!