37 Weeks

wearing his new sweater that grandma made 

Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2013 I have some incredible memories! Clint and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary not long after we welcomed our little pipsqueak into our family! Parker is 37 weeks old today and every week he makes me smile so much watching him grow and learn new things. 

Likes: There are so many things that make this happy boy smile! He loves peekaboo games, his momma and daddy, tickles, crawling, balls, making silly noises, and every food that we have given him.

Dislikes: He has never been a big fan of taking naps and that still is definitely true!

What's New in the Last Week: He is crawling like a maniac! He can pull himself up and hold on with just one hand! He kneels every once in a while which is beyond cute. He is figuring out all his toys and how they work and he definitely knows his name now! He also received his first haircut today at Cookie Cutters!

crosses his toes like momma & daddy

toy city!

hey mom!

goin for a drive in my new car

practicing his parade wave

new jammies from my aunt Hilary

he loves standing

standing baby

his first time at Grays! yummy

getting his hair cut at Cookie Cutters!

He was such a good boy!

trying to get something from under the ottoman

I like my straight bangs!!

Parker with his dad, grandpa, and great grandpa.
Happy New Year! We are looking forward to 2014 and all the new memories :)

Parker's First Christmas

Parker had a great first Christmas! I have an assortment of pictures and videos from today but they are in no particular order
Trying to sneak into the presents early today!

He loves his new drum!

2nd nap of the day

playing with his badger

couldn't make it through all his presents...he was worn out!

got enough shoes?

loves his new glow worm!

chewing presents open

Zoe wanted in on the action!

Having tons of fun!

not sure if grandpa is more excited about Parker's loot

paparazzi much?

spoiled on his first Christmas

so many toys but he loved this hanger

and he loved tissue paper

future BFFs

My family spoiled Parker just a bit! He received several books, outfits, pajamas, a drum, a workbench, couple stuffed toys, Vtech book, two crawl and go toys, and lots of other great gifts. We have Christmas with Clint's family on Saturday...hopefully they don't go too overboard! Merry Christmas!

36 Weeks

It's Christmas Eve! 

Likes: making a clicking noise, clapping, watching you build with his blocks and then knocking them over, hanging out with family

Dislikes: teething

What's New in the Last Week: he is officially crawling, he can clap, when you pat his mouth he makes noises, likes broccoli with cheese and mixed veggies

We are so excited for Christmas tomorrow! 

I'm stuck in jail!

Grandma & Grandpa are here!

Matching momma and baby

Amy & George got Parker a cool guitar!

Snuggled up with pops

Merry Christmas Eve!