33 Weeks

Little man is 33 weeks old today! Every week he changes just a little but yet it's still so much!

Likes: pretty much all food...he hasn't turned down anything yet! peek-a-boo, the xylophone, splashing in the tub

Dislikes: getting in his carseat when he's tired

What's New in the Last Week: he enjoyed his first Thanksgiving and he got his first tooth!

On Thanksgiving morning I peeked into his mouth like I do every other day or so and I couldn't believe it but there was finally a tiny little edge of a tooth! The two previous nights he woke up at 2 and 3 in the morning and now we know why! Other than waking up he didn't show any signs of a tooth coming! Hopefully the rest are this easy ;)

He liked refried beans!
Having fun at mommy's classroom!

Having fun at Thanksgiving dinner!
determined to only make silly faces for Thanksgiving pics

clean baby!


kissing his cousin Kyrahlee

he loves food

trying sweet potato puffs

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  1. He's just the cutest! He has the sweetest smile and the goofiest hair :) Little budding foodie!