32 Weeks

I will be so glad when winter is over so I can start getting some better pictures! There is no light in the house after work!

Likes: taking his socks off, getting surprised, pretty much all food, tickles

Dislikes: wearing socks

What's New in the Last Week: he starting shaking his head back and forth the other night, splashing in the tub tonight, eating spaghetti and squash (loved them both)

Breakfast for grandma's birthday 
Loungin in the Target cart

play time

His first craft from daycare! So cute!!

Big boy in the bath tub!

Off to daycare!

Hello big belly!

Love his little feet

Yum! Spaghetti!

and this is why Clint doesn't get to do his hair after the bath anymore

I want all the toys!!

So cute!

Loves pretty much all food now!

I meant to just let him get a tiny little lick of ice cream but he decided to grab the whole thing!

I hope this isn't the start of saying no all the time!

We love to chitchat before bedtime.

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