7 Months Old

Big Milestones: Parker can roll all over the place now! He can roll both directions easily and definitely uses rolling as a means to get somewhere. He can turn himself really well while holding himself up on his hands and the last few days he was moved himself backwards. So no forward movements yet but I think he will be doing that soon!

He is definitely an independent sitter now and usually only falls down if he is reaching for something really far away or if Zoe nudges him. He is getting better at reaching for things and holding himself up as he starts to topple over.

Right after he turned 6 months he looked at Clint one morning at breakfast and said dada! It was so cute :)

We started feeding Parker solids right after he turned 6 months and it took almost three weeks before he actually started eating them. He was not interested in food at the beginning so we had Jennifer (our babysitter) try feeding him and after a few days he started letting her feed him! He seems to really like pears, avocado, sweet potatoes, bananas, and applesauce. We have also fed him oatmeal which he sometimes seems to enjoy especially when I mixed in bananas. I mixed blueberries in today and he didn't seem too thrilled. I am really enjoying trying all these foods with him and planning what to try next!

Measurements: About a week after he turned 6 months he weighed 16 pounds 13 ounces and was 27 inches long. I don't think he has grown much more since then but I think he may have gained a little weight since then. He is still wearing 6-9 month clothes except most of the pants he has in that size are too big and way too long. Luckily I kept some 3-6 month pants out.

Daily Schedule: He still naps and eats about every three hours if it's a regular day. However he has really started to boycott naps; especially when he goes to Jennifer's. For some reason he has not liked naps the last couple of months. He has adjusted pretty well to me going back to work and going to daycare. 

Check the blog out tomorrow for some of his 6 months pictures (that I never got around to sharing!).

Now enjoy a couple fun shots from today:

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