29 Weeks

This little cutie is 29 weeks old today!

Likes: rolling all over the place, making a silly bird (by sucking on his bottom lip), sitting up, petting & watching the pets, waving, snuggling other people

Dislikes: food...although Jennifer (our babysitter) has gotten him to eat a little this week!

What's New in the Last Week: He is rolling back and forth like no one's business! 

I made a sandwich tonight and before I could stop him he grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it in his mouth. Apparently Parker likes bread.
Someone's a big boy and can now ride in the cart! And look cute!
Helping Amy play on game night!!
1st time with applesauce...no go.

Silly rolly polly baby.

Crazy hair day!

Cute as a button.

Making music!

Happy Halloween!

Bird face!

Hey cutie!

My love bug!

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