28 Weeks

My little buttercup is 28 weeks old today! I went back to work for real this week! Now I just have to count down the days until Thanksgiving ;)

Likes: peek-a-boo, big stuffed animals, spitting, being cuddled, people watching, balloons

Dislikes: food

What's New in the Last Week: He hosted his first party!

He loves balloons! He loves to hold and squeeze them and try to put them in his mouth!

He has gotten really squirmy when we try to change his diaper or his clothes so I started handing him his brush to play with. The other day he was brushing his hair!

Exhausted after his Halloween Party which was followed by a short birthday party for his cousin.
Oatmeal? Not so much.

I love to chew on balloons!
Where'd it go?!

Playing at the baby sitters!

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