6 Months Old

Somehow our little baby just turned 6 months old! The other day he was just a newborn! Well this big boy is growing fast and getting cuter by the day :)

Big Milestones: Parker finally rolled onto his belly a few weeks ago and is getting better at doing it often. His motor skills are growing as well...he is grabbing everything in sight and can switch from one hand to the other and even back again. He sits by himself really well now and has been working on sitting up from laying down. His head is just so heavy! Daddy needs to work on some crunches with him ;) 

He has had the m and b sounds down for a while and while we were in California one morning he said papa....that might be why he hasn't said dada yet. Maybe he prefers calling Clint papa! 

He also had his first solid foods today! I will share those pictures and videos tomorrow :)

Measurements: He has his 6 month check up next Wednesday so I will have to update this next week. I'll be interested to see his weight because during his first week at daycare I don't think he ate as much as normal but we'll see. I know he has definitely gotten longer! I packed up most of his 3-6 month clothes except a few pajamas and most of his long pants. He outgrows the onesies before the shorts and pants. I guess his belly is growing faster than his legs! 

Daily Schedule: He is still holding onto the same schedule as the last two months...eating and sleeping about every three hours. 

This Saturday Parker will be getting his first professional photos :) I can't wait to see how they turn out! I also have another week of fall break to enjoy some time with him and Clint!

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