24 Weeks

I decided to switch it up a little with a funny picture! Usually between pictures this is what he's doing and I just happened to capture one this week! He's such a goober! We are enjoying my last official week of maternity leave although I get two weeks of Fall Break in a week and a half.

Likes: bouncing, sucking his big toe, arching his back, balancing on his belly with his arms & legs straight out, babbling, when someone smacks their lips, grabbing anything and everything

Dislikes: loud noises (especially Clint's palm sander and impact drill), popsicles (see video)

What's New in the Last Week: not as clingy as he was last week, he is trying to sit up anytime he is laying down...he can only get his head up so far!

passed out after our walk

on house arrest again!


visiting Grandma & Grandpa at FBI

I love bouncing!!!

always stretching out those leggies

Bazinga twins!

fun day at Hummel Park

cuddling with Lucy

Lots of fun videos :) When I say that he loves his bouncer...I srsly mean it!

He makes the best faces when he's bouncing!

He was extra chatty on our walk the other day.

He did not want a taste of my popsicle!

He's so noisy in the mornings!


  1. I love his sticky outie chubby little leggies! And I could watch him bounce and squawk ALLLLL day long! He's so cute!!! I can't wait to gobble him up in a week and a half!

  2. Oh, and I love how sweet he and Lucy are together :)