Solid Foods

Now that Parker is six months old we fed him his first solid food! We have given him a few tastes of a couple different things in the last week or two (popsicle, yogurt, and an attempt at juice). The face he makes cracks me up every time! He just does not seem impressed.

Yesterday I baked a sweet potato and then blended it in the food processor. I even tasted it first...and I kind of see why he made these faces! After the first round of trying new foods I might have to add a  little something (cinnamon maybe) to give it some flavor!

What did you just put in my mouth?!

"I'm only smiling because I love my momma!"

What a goob!

"I just want this cool spoon."

Check out his first tastes:

He was definitely more interested in the spoon and trying to feed himself.

I tried again today and got similar results!

I think he really enjoys spitting!

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