27 Weeks

Mr. Squishy Nose is 27 weeks old today!

Likes: being lifted & tossed into the air, scratching the wall when getting changed, whipping his hair  head back and forth, people watching, and maybe bananas

Dislikes: depending on the day...sleeping, and the jury is still out on sweet potatoes

What's New in the Last Week: trying out solid foods, putting his pacifier in by himself

Story time at the library.
Trying on a pumpkin hat at the pumpkin patch! I should've bought it!
Got my snugglebug!
We picked out a mommy, baby, and daddy pumpkin!
The boys were worn out after the pumpkin patch.
Covered in tatoes!
So fresh & so clean!
Trying bananas...I think he liked them better than the sweet potatoes.
Having an awesome hair day the other day!
Mug n Bun with Amy!
I think he wanted some of daddy's root beer float!
Our little guy is getting so curious and we love to watch him explore and figure new things out!

After visiting the pumpkin patch on Sunday we had Parker's 6 months pictures taken...I can't wait to get them back! He was such a ham for the photographer!

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