7th Anniversary

Clint and I celebrated out 7th anniversary on June 2nd. We decided to make a weekend trip to St. Louis. We left on Friday before our anniversary and came back on Sunday. Parker got to spend the night at Mike & Jennifer's and then at Bob & Cindy's. I think I have more pictures of him that weekend than of us ;) Partly because we didn't carry our phones around that much...less distractions.

When we first got to STL we checked into out hotel, The Chase Park Plaza, which was really nice! Then we went to dinner at a restaurant in Central West End which was a really neat area. We were really happy with where we stayed! After dinner we went to the movie theater in our hotel and saw Neighbors, which was pretty funny.

Saturday we had breakfast at the hotel which was delish! Then we went to Forest Park to walk around but it was so HOT! We were both so sweaty so we headed back to the hotel. Then we decided to check out the Science Center which was free except for parking and it was a lot of fun! We decided to get pizza for lunch...we looked up a local place (Imo's) and headed there. We enjoyed the breadsticks but the pizza was so nasty! St. Louis-style pizza is made with provel which is a processed cheese and it is so gross! We do not recommend it! After that we went to an outlet mall and did a little shopping. We then went back to the hotel to clean up and then headed downtown. We hit traffic because a Cardinal's game just let out but it wasn't too bad. We went to the Arch and got our tickets for the last tram right before 9 pm. Then we went and had dinner which was also really good. We had some extra time so went to the City Garden which was also pretty cool. There were several water features, sculptures, and paths. Then we headed back toward the Arch for our night view. It was pretty neat to see at night! 

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast and had some delicious waffles! Then we checked out and headed home to get our little man! I don't know how many times we said we missed him! While we did miss him, it was really fun to have a weekend to ourselves and enjoy each other :)

in the little pod on the way up the Arch

view from the top

it's a little hard to get the whole thing in a pictiue

Mr. Hulk
Where should we go next year??

Parker's One Year Photos

I'm a little late but I thought I'd share some of the one year photos that Jamie Nicole Scott took of Parker back in April. Jamie is a photographer that we went to high school with. She does great work at an affordable cost and works well with what you want :) 

I wanted a few family shots even though Clint did not...clearly I won!

We also did some of Parker enjoying a delicious cake made by Clint's mom. At first he was a little shy to dig in but then he grabbed a little. He never really smashed it but it was cute in his own way :)

There are SO many more and I can't wait to order some and get them up! 

14 Months

I'm a little late...but we have been busy having fun! Parker is 23 pounds and definitely getting taller. How do I know? He used to fit under the fridge doors but he doesn't anymore. 

He says lots of words and lots of thing that sound like words. He can say the words:
mama, dada, dog, kitty (tiddy...lol), balloon (boon), giraffe (raf), uh oh, boom (bum), Bob (his grandpa), woof, moo, 

He can recognize a lot of other words - like water, boy, basement, outside, slide, grandma, grandpa, put it back, snack, Zoe

He can follow a few simple commands but he also knows when we ask him to do things or not do things and he chooses to ignore us! We are having a hard time with him not playing in Zoe's water. The other night he dumped a full bowl of water on the kitchen floor then laid in it and started swimming. It was hilarious but he is constantly splashing in it!

He has fallen into a good routine with naps (half hour nap in the morning and afternoon). He has had a consistent bedtime routine and time for ever but lately he has been hit or miss as to whether he actually goes down. Sometimes he likes to run amok for an extra hour or two. His glow worm really helps him realize that it's nap time or bed time...except when he throws it on the floor.

He loves most foods and if you are eating anything, he wants to stand right by you with his mouth open. He knows he can tap my mom's leg and she'll hand him something...a bugel, a goldfish, vanilla wafer. He's not too fond of regular milk; some days he only have a few sips of milk and other days he'll drink one cup worth. He loves drinking water though. 

Right now some of his favorite toys are his ball popper (remember when he was scared of this??), his race cars and race track, anything musical, balls, and ALL brooms/mops/long handled tools. I am not kidding...this kid is obsessed with brooms! He sees a long handle and he squeals with excitement! No matter where we are, he wants a broom (someone else's house, the store, outside). He also LOVES books. He will read every book repeatedly and not tire of it. Luckily we have a ton of books and I always find more!

Little man loves to run everywhere! It's too cute except a few times he has gotten too fast and he falls face first which has led to three swollen lips/bloody mouths. It's hard to slow him down! He loves running into things and yell "BUM!" really loud or throw things and yell "BUM!" He also likes to ride in shopping carts and yell "vroom" or push his cars or Batmobile and vroom everywhere.

Parker loves Lucy and Zoe and he likes to cuddle with them...the both are pretty tolerant. Lucy is really good with him; one day he picked her up and tried to carry her. It was so funny! Zoe has come a long way from when Parker first came home. She sometimes tries to get away from Parker and then he chases her in circles which is pretty comical but other times she'll sit or lay still for a little while so he can lay on her. Hopefully they'll become buddies one day!

cute garage sale find

he loves his glow worm

having fun with grandpa

playing with daddy on Father's Day

He LOVED feeding the budgies at the zoo!

I couldn't believe that he wasn't scared at all.

They crawled all over his arms and he loved it!

napping baby

reading to Zoe

being silly with his tunnel

after dinner tradition 
he loves laying with daddy

This is my head and I like to put food here.

maxin and relaxin, eating a snack

sleepy dino

I just can't get enough of this little cutie!

Summer Fun!

School was officially over for me on Monday and I am loving it! I had a rough year and I am so happy to hang out with my little man Parker! Added bonus...my mom and stepdad got here Sunday night. Dale left this evening buy my mom will be here until July 1st. She is teaching two workshops while she is here which is why she's staying so long. We have LOTS planned so stay tuned for plenty of crafting!

Prepare for a photo dump...

most precious face

he loves being outside

He had fun playing with Juliette at my school family night.

He LOVED his first trip into the pool this summer!

out garage sale-ing with mom

watching dad mow the neighbor's yard


sweaty head

watching grandpa mow

too cool

obsessed with brooms

nap time with daddy

loves looking out the window

first time brushing his teeth

sweepin the yard

chillin on the porch

a little spring cleaning


sweet face


night time snuggles

He loves picking out movies.

He just loves Zoe! She is warming up to him finally.

another haircut

soo many books!

He really liked the farmer and the tractor on this page...so he ripped it out.

Parker and Grandpa Dale had so much fun together!

Doggie dress up

Zoe did not approve...she just wanted the bread in my hand.

baby toes
And now for a bunch of videos...don't worry though, they are all under 15 seconds :)

I just love this kid!