7th Anniversary

Clint and I celebrated out 7th anniversary on June 2nd. We decided to make a weekend trip to St. Louis. We left on Friday before our anniversary and came back on Sunday. Parker got to spend the night at Mike & Jennifer's and then at Bob & Cindy's. I think I have more pictures of him that weekend than of us ;) Partly because we didn't carry our phones around that much...less distractions.

When we first got to STL we checked into out hotel, The Chase Park Plaza, which was really nice! Then we went to dinner at a restaurant in Central West End which was a really neat area. We were really happy with where we stayed! After dinner we went to the movie theater in our hotel and saw Neighbors, which was pretty funny.

Saturday we had breakfast at the hotel which was delish! Then we went to Forest Park to walk around but it was so HOT! We were both so sweaty so we headed back to the hotel. Then we decided to check out the Science Center which was free except for parking and it was a lot of fun! We decided to get pizza for lunch...we looked up a local place (Imo's) and headed there. We enjoyed the breadsticks but the pizza was so nasty! St. Louis-style pizza is made with provel which is a processed cheese and it is so gross! We do not recommend it! After that we went to an outlet mall and did a little shopping. We then went back to the hotel to clean up and then headed downtown. We hit traffic because a Cardinal's game just let out but it wasn't too bad. We went to the Arch and got our tickets for the last tram right before 9 pm. Then we went and had dinner which was also really good. We had some extra time so went to the City Garden which was also pretty cool. There were several water features, sculptures, and paths. Then we headed back toward the Arch for our night view. It was pretty neat to see at night! 

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast and had some delicious waffles! Then we checked out and headed home to get our little man! I don't know how many times we said we missed him! While we did miss him, it was really fun to have a weekend to ourselves and enjoy each other :)

in the little pod on the way up the Arch

view from the top

it's a little hard to get the whole thing in a pictiue

Mr. Hulk
Where should we go next year??

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