Summer Fun!

School was officially over for me on Monday and I am loving it! I had a rough year and I am so happy to hang out with my little man Parker! Added mom and stepdad got here Sunday night. Dale left this evening buy my mom will be here until July 1st. She is teaching two workshops while she is here which is why she's staying so long. We have LOTS planned so stay tuned for plenty of crafting!

Prepare for a photo dump...

most precious face

he loves being outside

He had fun playing with Juliette at my school family night.

He LOVED his first trip into the pool this summer!

out garage sale-ing with mom

watching dad mow the neighbor's yard


sweaty head

watching grandpa mow

too cool

obsessed with brooms

nap time with daddy

loves looking out the window

first time brushing his teeth

sweepin the yard

chillin on the porch

a little spring cleaning


sweet face


night time snuggles

He loves picking out movies.

He just loves Zoe! She is warming up to him finally.

another haircut

soo many books!

He really liked the farmer and the tractor on this he ripped it out.

Parker and Grandpa Dale had so much fun together!

Doggie dress up

Zoe did not approve...she just wanted the bread in my hand.

baby toes
And now for a bunch of videos...don't worry though, they are all under 15 seconds :)

I just love this kid!

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