15 Months

You would think that I would blog more during the summer since I am on break...but we just have too much fun during the day and at night I am wore out or trying to get my classroom ready! School starts next week!!

Our little boy changes so much these days it's hard to keep up! One thing hasn't changed though...he is still the same size! It's hard to believe that he's only gained 3 pounds since January...especially after he eats and he walks around with the biggest pot belly you've ever seen! He's been 30 inches since January too...short like his daddy :)

He has added a few words recently...he finally said wawa (water) in addition to boom (broom), up, down, and nana (banana). He says bye kitty when we leave the playroom which is upstairs. He loves saying hi whenever he sees someone new or someone pass by but he hasn't quite gotten the hang of saying bye before someone leaves. As soon as they're gone, he says bye and gives a big wave!

He still loves carrying around brooms, mops,  or Swiffers. He loves dancing! Most of the time when he hears music he starts to sway, sometimes clapping or 'snapping'. He loves bending over standing on his head and laying on the dog & cat. He picks up the cat sometimes...she is very patient with him. I didn't declaw Lucy but she has never scratched him! She purrs almost the whole time he bugs her...even when he's sitting on her she is still purring.

 He makes the best faces when he's eating...and here is his first selfie!

total goon face!

 playing in the creek at Hummel Park

his first dentist visit!

 He got a sticker and...

a plastic chicken that he is obsessed with.

 He has turned into a total climber! 

 anytime we eat turns into fun time!

he loves helping daddy

snuggling with me and Lucy

two of his favorite things...stand on his head and read

See that raggedy ole bear? It was Clint's when he was a boy and of course Parker loves it.


 love this kid!

He likes to try on my headbands...for about two seconds.

He is always trying to cuddle the pets!


I love these two pics!


neighborhood watch

naughty boy climbed on the table to get some Wheat Thins

We had fun at the Zoo with Amy...he is such a boss.

If you made it to the end, congrats! I should blog more often so I don't have so many pics and videos to upload at once!