Clint and I decided last year that we would move in the next year, after we had saved some money into our savings account. Well we finally got about to our goal and found a house. We originally had found a house next door to my dad and made an offer. It was a short sale though and the bank never got back to us, even after 2 offers. So then we spent a weekend looking at several houses. The house across from my dad went up for sale a few days before we looked at it. It is a ranch with a basement and a bonus room above the garage. It is beyond clean and well-taken care of. We put an offer on it and they countered back and we accepted!

We did our loan application and the inspection among a million other phone calls and papers. Right now we are waiting to hear about a closing date! I am hoping that it will be this next week!!

The house is actually already empty except for a couple things they are leaving. Luckily they are leaving the nice sectional couch in the basement along with a few tvs and a couple things in the weight room (Clint is beyond excited about that room!). I cannot wait to move! Yippee!