25 Weeks

Now that I'm back to work this week (insert big sighhhh) I don't have as much lighting to work with for the weekly picture. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it. So like I said...back to work. I love teaching and I am glad to be back but it's definitely an adjustment. I wish I could have it both ways...maybe take Parker to school?? Luckily I feel like I have one of the best jobs in that I get lots of breaks and a nice summer vacation to spend with my little man :)

Likes: standing, bath time, tickles, paper, bottles, basically anything he can get his little mitts on!

Dislikes: when his bottle isn't warm enough (daddy has just the right temperature figured out)

What's New in the Last Week: going to daycare, rolling onto his belly!

He loves to hang onto the sides of the stroller and his carseat!


after his first day at daycare....exhausted!

yah! back to work. so fun...not.

snuggles after a more successful day at daycare

going for a walk with the babysitter 

out with my loves for my birthday :)

he loves to chew on books

more snuggles with daddy

Zoe decided to sleep by Parker


love his little face
nap time with dad

reading the newspaper with poppa bear

playing at daycare!

I managed to get Parker's first roll onto his belly!

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