31 Weeks

As Parker gets older every week he gets more wiggly! It has become a little harder to take a picture each week because he just wants to roll around...so blurry picture it is tonight!

Likes: smiling at daddy, playing peek-a-boo, bananas, chicken noodles, being swung & tossed around

Dislikes: wearing socks, when he first he gets home he doesn't like for momma to be out of his sight 

What's New in the Last Week: he has finally started to get up on his knees and do a little bit of rocking and he can even scoot backwards a little

Driving mommy's car!

He loves taking off his socks!

worn out from all that driving

stuck in the pillows!!

about time to put the swing away...seatbelt is a little snug!

trying to call his friends

I love chicken noodles!

After each bite he would turn and look up at Clint...it was too cute!

I spy a little blue eye!

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