8 Months Old!

Parker is 8 months old today! He is getting so big and can do so many new things! 

Big Milestones: When he is laying down he can get somewhere by rolling and just switching directions but now he is on the verge of being a crawler :) He can get a few crawls in and then falls down or rolls over. He is really good at sitting and can turn and climb into my lap.

He loves food! Once he started eating regularly he hasn't turned anything down yet! A few new things he has eaten: raspberries, yogurt, steak, squash, pinto beans, mashed potatoes, mozzarella cheese , taco beef, peas, and green beans. I am starting to smash his food a little less lately and just give him small bites. He has started to chew with his little gums.

He got his first tooth on Thanksgiving morning but no others yet.

Measurements: I weighed him here at home a week or two ago and he was around 18 pounds. I forgot to measure him today but I think last week he measured 29 inches long. He is wearing 6-9 month clothes but most of his pants are still too big and long. Most of his onesies fit well. We received a few 12 month outfits for after Christmas and I'm not sure when he'll fit into those because they look pretty big. 

Daily Schedule: He has been waking up around 4:45 to 5 am lately. I usually hold off on feeding him until at least 5:30. He usually has oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast around 8 am and then milk around 9 am. He has two veggies for lunch around noon and then milk again around 2. Hopefully somewhere in there he has a nap or two ;) I haven't been feeding him solid food for dinner because I didn't want to give up his feeding right when I get home but I think I will after I go back to school in January. He usually takes a cat nap around 5 pm and then eats and goes to bed around 7:30. He mostly sleeps through the night again and we are very glad :)

My little baby is growing too fast!

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  1. 4:45 am wake up is why I can never be a parent. Gzus god. Good thing he's cute!!!