Parker's First Christmas

Parker had a great first Christmas! I have an assortment of pictures and videos from today but they are in no particular order
Trying to sneak into the presents early today!

He loves his new drum!

2nd nap of the day

playing with his badger

couldn't make it through all his presents...he was worn out!

got enough shoes?

loves his new glow worm!

chewing presents open

Zoe wanted in on the action!

Having tons of fun!

not sure if grandpa is more excited about Parker's loot

paparazzi much?

spoiled on his first Christmas

so many toys but he loved this hanger

and he loved tissue paper

future BFFs

My family spoiled Parker just a bit! He received several books, outfits, pajamas, a drum, a workbench, couple stuffed toys, Vtech book, two crawl and go toys, and lots of other great gifts. We have Christmas with Clint's family on Saturday...hopefully they don't go too overboard! Merry Christmas!

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