19 Weeks

Mr. Smiley Pants is 19 weeks old today!

Likes: chewing on his hands, playing with his feet, grabbing toys and momma's lips

Dislikes: naptime (well, just today anyways)

What's New in the Last Week: he can put his feet in his mouth (yummy), switch toys from one hand to the other, and he has started to reach out for you me to hold him ;)

Not as many pictures this week...ironically lots of napping Parker on a day that he just won't nap!

so cozy

nice bed head

Parker was the banker at the garage sale.

night night

stretch those leggies!

had too much fun on Saturday

My little baby bear ♥
my little cookie monster
Clearly Mr. Parker likes to kick! Feeding a kicking baby is quite hard.

He learned that he could stop the fan with his foot. 


  1. I like that he's flipping you off in the nighty night pic! And you didn't caption the mouth open sleeping pic! Like mom like son :)

    His laugh in the first video makes me melt. So presh!

  2. Love Mr. Smiley Pants! I swear he keeps getting cuter and cuter!

  3. I love the cover photo of Parker, looks like he is just having the best time getting his picture taken. I am with Lindsay on hearing Parker laugh just can not get enough of hearing him laugh.

  4. I love his smile in the first one! Cute dinosaur onesie!