16 Weeks

Which is cuter...his jean shorts or that big ol' belly?

Little man is 16 weeks old today! He still weighs under 15 pounds (14 lbs 11 oz to be exact) but he is 25 inches long.

Likes: slobbering (no teeth yet though), rubbing his head, grabbing toys (or my hair or shirt, etc), putting his toys in his mouth, looking at Zoe and Lucy, picking up his Wubbanub and dropping it behind him

Dislikes: when he has trouble falling asleep

What's New in the Last Week: he can consistently roll over to his sides when he is on his back, can fit both his hands in his mouth (although not completely), paying attention to books when I read them...I had a couple other things but I can't remember!

This week he has started drooling a little more than usual (although it isn't a whole lot) and he constantly has his hands in his mouth. I keep checking to see if he has a tooth coming in and I've even felt his little gummies but so far nothing. 

First Steps also came last Friday to do his evaluation. The day they did his check he was 3 months and 16 days which rounded him up to the 4-6 month category. Luckily he scored average or above average in almost all the categories! One category he scored pretty low but the lady said there were no worries and that he was doing pretty well. His head has started to round out pretty well on his own and he looks to the right a lot more. It seems like what we have been doing the past month or two has really helped. However his neck muscles are still a little tight in general so she gave us some stretches to do to help loosen him up! Clint likes to do these with Parker...probably because it's like he's working out with his little man!

We moved his little taco bed into his room a week or two ago but we decided to start putting him into his crib this week so he can start laying on a flat surface. He is also getting a little big to be sleeping in the rock and play bed and the swing...at least when he stretches his legs all the way out and tries to stand! I'm afraid he might stretch too much and could fall out! We've started putting the seat belt on him in the swing just in case. He actually slept in his crib a few times the first month he was home. The first night in his crib was a little rough. It took him a while to fall asleep. Then he woke up at 11:30, 12:30, 2:30 and 3:30. The first three times he went back to sleep after I gave him his pacifier and soothed him. The last time I fed him and he conked out until 6:30ish. Last night he was so tired from skipping his last nap that he went to bed at 8:30 and didn't get up until 7:20 this morning! Wonderful night of sleep! Tonight he wasn't ready to fall asleep until late...he was knocked out at 10:15 so I hope he sleeps well tonight!

Time for pics and vids!

My new bumblebee PJ's!

hanging with gma & gpa Briggs

passed out early one night

napping by the pool

just scratching my head

so peaceful

passed out after his eval...he worked too hard!

smiley boy

can I help you?

Parker needs to practice laying on his right side to strengthen those muscles!

He loves playing with his mirror!

Morning stroll in this beautiful weather!

He's got on his cool bucket hat!

A nice day at Hummell Park.

Lucy's turn to babysit.


  1. We figured that we should project the blog on the TV so we can watch the videos on the big screen! I love the one of him scratching his head, he has big eyes in it! And we like the smiling photos. Dale says you need more pics of Parker and his dad!

  2. In love with the bucket hat!!! He needs to stop growing so fast! He already looks like a little boy sometimes instead of a baby! EEEEP!!!