18 Weeks

Well this picture didn't turn out very well. Boo!

Parker had his 4 month appointment today. He measured 26 inches long (88th percentile), and weighed 14 lbs 14 oz (33rd percentile) which I think is wrong because yesterday at the breastfeeding group he was 15.5 and the week prior he was 15.3 but whatever...he's happy and healthy!) I just cannot believe that he has grown 5 inches since he was born! Crazy!

Likes: his crinkle book, playing with his feet, chewing on his hands, standing, flopping or melting out of your arms 

Dislikes: shots! 

What's New in the Last Week: He's getting so close to rolling over onto his belly! He is finally playing with toys a little while laying on his belly, especially if he is laying over the boppy pillow. 

Poor little man had his shots again today...he was smiling the biggest smile right before she did the first one. Then right before she did the second one he just lost it. He didn't cry for very long afterwards and I also fed him which helped last time too. Hopefully he doesn't have any side effects...he didn't last time other than being a little extra sleepy. He's napping in my lap as I type :)

This is right now :) His little X-Men bandaids!

More shots from this week:

 We love our morning snuggles...and one day he had his pouty lip out. So sad but cute.

 A couple funny ones of Parker and the middle one is an exact copy of how Clint wears his socks! He is definitely his son :)
 We went for a walk at the park and he got to ride in his stroller like a big boy! Then Hilary came down and we went to Pizza King!! 

 I took Zoe and Parker on a walk the other day...my first time walking Zoe and using the stroller! It was pretty easy too! 

He just loves to chew on his crinkle book! I love these star pajamas!

 I got a new carrier the other day...I love it! It's cute and I can put it on by myself. My other nice one has a strap on the back at about my shoulder blades that I have a really hard time snapping. I like to have options anyways :)

Clint went to Michigan last weekend with his friends and Parker gave him snuggles before leaving. I love these pics!


  1. So many good pics! His face is just PRESH!

  2. He's so cute ! I'm glad tomorrow is WED.