Beckham - 38 to 43 Weeks

Here we are on Monday! As you can tell, he is not a big fan of laying down for a picture! Really, any pose I try to put him in, he crawls away! These last ten weeks worth of pictures are probably going to be a bit of a challenge!

Likes: all fruits and crackers, yogurt, all of Parker's toys (especially Legos, yikes!), balls, buckets, the cat, standing, his puppy Wubanub, spitting, baths and splashing, grandpa Bob Bob, getting into mischief

Dislikes: vegetable baby food (unless mixed with something else), oatmeal (I tried again today and he kept spitting it out and grabbing it out of his mouth)

What's New in the Last (several) Weeks: Well I did a pretty extensive update here yesterday so feel free to check it out! He also got his first haircut! Well, it was from me, but still. It look so much better now that it isn't so shaggy! You can also see that he enjoyed his first (2) bike rides! Both times he fell asleep...we went again last night and he made it through the whole ride! He loves to ring the bell on the trailer. 

Fresh haircut middle :)

Even though I can't believe he is only 2 months from being a one year old, I just love watching him grow!

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