Cabin Fever

With all this ice and snow I have not been able to be out of the house much since last Monday. Yesterday when Clint got home from work, he was starting to feel miserable. This morning we ventured out into the snow to visit the doctor. His diagnosis: sinus infection. Bleh. Now he is passed out on the couch after taking a z pack.

So far we have had over 2 inches and it is still snowing! We are supposed to get 2 or more inches again tomorrow. We already have one day to make up; I hope we don't get anymore! The day they added on for students is the Friday before Memorial Day, which pushes the teachers' last day to the Tuesday after Memorial Day. It just so happens that I will be in Puerto Rico at the time! If we have any more snow days, I wonder when they will add days for kids? 
 Please come soon spring!!!

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  1. LOVE the picture of Clint and Zoe on the couch! haha!