Traveling Sisters!

In anticipation of Lindsay's (potential) impending move this summer to a new job, we started planning our hangouts. You know we can't live without each other for long! 

Well, you may remember some of my travel postings a while back. I have big dreams you know! My husband however does not. He would be content for the rest of his life to go to Florida for any and every vacation. My travel idea is more aligned with my sister. The more exotic or funky, the better. So we proposed an idea that we start planning sister vacations. If she is going to be far away, I won't get to be around her much so vacations are a great answer (especially since I have summers off!). Clint liked this idea because he doesn't have to be taken to places that I am really into or excited about. He can take a nice easy beach vacation without having to see and do tons of things that may potentially bore him.

We started brainstorming our first adventure which may take place next year depending on potential family additions. We are liking Nicaragua. I would love to go to Greece but we may have to save that one for later. We'll see. Even though I will be sad that Lindsay will be moving away, at least I can be excited about sister vacations!

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  1. Yes! I can't wait until we travel far and wide! It's going to be GREAT.