New shows!!

Clint and I have a few shows that we watch (or dvr) regularly. 

We both like Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU. Those shows are currently in the middle of their season so I'm not any more excited about them as I am about new shows like:

Survivor and Amazing Race!! 

Clint's other favorite show, Justified, started last week, which I actually like too. It is about a cowboy-like US marshal. 

We also watched a show last fall called Melissa & Joey. It is totally dorky and it's on ABC Family (although I don't really think it is family oriented). Clint would probably never admit to watching this show but he would yell at me if I started watching it without him! 

Finally, The Glades (on A&E) starts in March I think. This is a funny detective show with some romance. Fun for everyone! So 4 out of 7 shows are police/law type shows...guess that's what we like!


  1. So....what did you think about the first episode of the new Survivor (other than all the "REDEMPTION ISLAND" hype?)

  2. I liked it...except for Phil the federal agent...gag! Not really sure who I like since they only showed those three most of the time.