Valentine Hearts

This year for my class Valentine's Day party, I am doing a few different things. First, I used the money the kids donated to buy strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzel sticks. I borrowed a fondue pot from my aunt for the kids to dip their treats in (lightly...not too much chocolate!). I really wanted a fountain but I wasn't going to buy one and I couldn't find someone that had one. 

Then for my Valentine card to them I found a really cool idea from another teacher's blog. You make crayon hearts from broken crayon pieces. I will show you how to do them here!

First, you need to gather all your broken crayons and peel the paper off. During the week I 'paid' some students to do this tedious task (with Gold Tickets of course!). Once I got home with the crayons this weekend, I soaked them in hot water which made the paper just unwrap! That was way easier!

Next, you place the bare crayons in a heart-shaped cookie pan. I only put up to three different colors in one shape. I was afraid they would melt into brown. (I could only find a pan with hearts that was made for making suckers or something with sticks. I plugged those parts with wads of foil).

Then you put them in the oven for 10-15 minutes on 250*. Here there are melting into the heart.

Once all the crayons have melted, remove them from the oven. Put them in the freezer for about 5-7 minutes. This will allow them to cool quickly.

Once they have cracked around the edges, you can take them out of the freezer. Turn the pan upside down and bang the pan until they fall out!

Here is the finished product! I can't wait to give them to the kids tomorrow!

During the process, a few hearts were broken. Don't worry! They are not lost! The best way to put them back together is to put them back in the pan and cook them again! Good as new!

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