Wii Weekend!

A few months ago Clint and I decided to get a video game system. We tried to decide between the PS3 and the Wii. I had heard that the PS3 had great graphics and that the games were really good (especially for guys). I really wanted the Harry Potter Lego game which was available on all the game systems. I liked that the PS3 had regular controllers versus the motion ones with the Wii. So we decided to get the PS3. We played that for a few months and then Clint bought me Toy Story 3 for my birthday. Let's just say that I have only played it about 3 times. It isn't very fun and it's actually kind of hard. We have almost beat Harry Potter so I decided to look for more games. Most of the games for the PS3 are boy-oriented. 

So then I started to look at all the Wii games. I love Mario games and I used to love playing Donkey Kong. Just Dance also just came out and I love to dance!! So I kept trying to convince Clint that we should get a Wii. The bad part about video games and the consoles are that they are pretty expensive. He was against it. So I started saving up and cashed in a bunch of credit card points for gift cards. Finally, this weekend I got the Wii! I only got one game, Just Dance 2, which is awesome! Not only is it challenging enough to be fun but it is a good workout! It is also hilarious!

Today, Lindsay came over with all her Wii games and Clint joined us for some fun! We played some Mario Kart for a while. Clint kicked our butts. Then Lindsay and I tried Just Dance 2. Hilarious! Lindsay beat me on the first duet. I then proceeded to kick her booty! I even slipped on a blanket and fell on the floor and still won! Then we played Jeopardy, which she won. We created our Mii characters and then played Super Mario Brothers. Clint joined us for this and it was comical. 

All in all, I am glad we bought the Wii. We will have to start building up our collection of games because it was fun!


  1. I think you should post the video Lindsay sent me of your dancing.......just a thought.

  2. Wiiii had so much fun! Yay for more Wii weekends!

  3. What is it with our family falling over when we dance??