Girl Scouts

When I was younger I was in girl scouts for a few years. First I was a Daisy for about a year (I think) and then I was a Brownie. There were two songs we sang often.This first video was too hilarious to not post:

This next song has changed since I was a Brownie. I don't remember singing about keeping my smile in a convenient place...more like a special place. I guess these girls are learning new vocabulary.

My last favorite memory of girl scouts was of course the cookies! One year, mom decided to be all "mom-of-the-year" like and house all of my troops cookies. Our front living room was loaded with thin mints and tagalongs! That was the year I think I sold the most (probably because mom wanted them out of the house!). The big prize for selling the most? Either a free trip to Kings Island or a cheap, 35 mm camera! Guess which I took?

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  1. Hahahaha. That first video is so cute and goofy.

    They totally messed up the words in the second one.

    I'm sure mom and dad had some influence on the camera choice. A free trip to King's Island for you, but probably they would have had to pay for themselves (and likely their other 2 children). They just wanted to encourage your artistic abilities. Ahahaha