Line Dancing

Most people that know me, know that I love line dancing! I have introduced several friends to it over the last 6 years that I have been going (on and off). Wow. I just realized that it's been 6 years since I first went! I was introduced by an older coworker from Cracker Barrel and have loved it ever since! I went almost every week for about two years then took a break for about a year. Then I went back on and off for the next two years. I introduced my good friend August to it back in January and we have gone almost every Wednesday since. Recently we started taking our friend Rebecca. I have picked up all the dances I learned over the years and I am getting way better at learning new ones on my own! Last night they taught "Chill Factor". I learned it a while back but it was really hard so I didn't get it down. So last night I mostly got it. The way they teach dances is like this: 
1. step by step directions with no music. You learn small segments over and over until you have walked through the whole dance.
2. You dance the whole dance a couple times straight through with the instructor calling out the steps.
3. You dance part or sometimes the whole dance to the song but in a slowed down version.
4. Full on dance time - no instructions!

Then they go back to regular dancing and give you about an hour to remember or forget the dance. Then they replay it (with no instructions). Last night when they replayed it later, they changed up the song and it was a much faster version! About 75% of the people walked off the floor because it was hard to begin with and then the song was too hard. 

Well, I am a loser/nerd and decided tonight that I wanted to really learn it, so I found it on youtube and practiced! Enjoy:

Who is your favorite dancer??

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