Beckham - Five Weeks

Big Boy is 5 weeks old today!

Likes: looking at the skylights, napping, hanging out in my baby carrier, eating

Dislikes: waking up from a long nap because then he wakes up hungry, being hot

What's New in the Last Week: Not a lot has changed in the last week...other than I don't think he can fit into any of newborn clothes lately. He also switched completely to size 1 diapers. 

I've been saying this a lot, but it is crazy how completely different Beckham is from how Parker was as a baby. I'm not complaining or saying I expected them to  be the same but they are so different in almost every way! It makes me wonder how he'll be as he grows up.

Apparently I need to list some examples so here...
Beckham sleeps a lot and Parker (still) isn't a fan of sleeping much.
Beckham only take about 15 minutes to eat and Parker always needed 30 min.
Beckham is gaining weight really fast and Parker was always shrimpier.
Beckham sleeps like a champ in his pack and play and Parker wanted that thing thrown in the trash since day 1.
Here's a fun one...Beckham only poops like twice a day and Parker pooped every time you changed his diaper. Fun times.
Beckham doesn't mind chillin in his swing, on the boppy, on the floor, etc and Parker only wanted the swing or to be held.

Basically Beckham is pretty easy going! Parker wasn't really a hard baby, just not one to sleep much.

playing 'together'

took his first bottle with no problem

napping baby

napping boys

morning cuddles

swaddled up in his pack and play

spy cam

conked out

He can seriously nap anywhere!

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