Beckham - Six Weeks

Beckham is 6 weeks old today! 

Likes: being cuddled, warm baths, watching what everyone is doing, the skylights and ceiling fan

Dislikes: having a poopy diaper

What's New in the Last Week: Up until the last week, Beckham spent most of the day sleeping or at least napping on and off. In the last week though he has been awake for longer stretches although he still sleeps a lot.

A couple other differences I noticed between the two boys:

Beckham has cradle cap on his forehead and Parker had it on his head. 
Beckham spits up often and Parker hardly ever did.
Beckham will take a bottle with no problem and Parker struggled to take one at the beginning. He liked his warmed up super warm.
Beckham lost his hair on the front of his head so he looks like he has a receding hairline and Parker just lost a little hair in the back.

nap time!

comfy spot!

He's Harry Potter!

I just LOVE this carrier! It is so comfortable and easy to use!

He loves to sleep in my lap.
Parker really wanted to take pictures today so here are two extras I took of my two favorite boys:

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