Beckham - Eight Weeks

Here we are at 8 weeks! 

Likes: sitting in his new chair, hanging out under his jungle gyms, looking at ceiling fans, ceiling lights, skylights, etc.

Dislikes: our dinner time - he seems to fuss right when we are eating dinner, staying up too late (he also gets fussy right at bedtime), having a dirty diaper

What's New in the Last Week: I have used up our size 1 diapers because they were starting to get a little small. And of course you never want diapers to run on the small size in case of blowouts! So we have now moved on to size 2! 

Beckham had his first (mini) vacation to Lake Michigan this past weekend! I am going to update about that tomorrow :)

Best Buds! That's Parker's big smile!

Beckham's new seat! He loves it so he can see everything!

little kangaroo baby in his pouch

enjoying a walk in the park

too much fun

just needed snuggles

Isn't he so cute :)

easy baby :)
Parker wanted his picture taken with this.

Then a group shot!

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