Summer Days

*I love our double stroller! It's perfect for walks. Parker thinks he's so cool sitting in the back. *We all decided to wear our dino shirts the other day. *Parker loves reading so much these days! I catch him reading to himself a lot but also to Beckham now (and obviously Coco Puff too).

 *I love going to Danville's Ellis Park because it is so shady! *A former teacher at my school pinned this cute idea of a car wash on pinterest and Parker loved it!

*Dollar Store balloons are always a hit! *Parker and Coco Puff have become such good buddies! She has calmed down around him so much! *Parker and I both love picnics at the park!

 *He has always been a car sleeper.

 *Lindsay sent Parker some super cute costumes for dress up. He also has an astronaut one but I didn't get a picture.

 *Best buds. *Parker was watching Paw Patrol and there was a suspenseful part lol. *Parker loved his playdoh glasses!

 *Testing out the new beach tent.

*Parke loves to play in the garage so much! He is always building ramps. *Breakfast date at Flapjacks!

 *I love going to the park early in the morning! It's cooler and hardly anyone else is there :)

 *This picture is the result of putting the phone in the bike trailer pocket ;) *Washington Township Park *Checking out the equipment at the state fair. He was so excited to go and see a combine but they didn't have one. He liked sitting on the equipment though.

 *Hiking at Ellis Park *He loves his crane truck! He also is obsessed with that headlamp still. *He asked to ride the tractor shuttle at the fair the whole time we were there. So I rode with him all the way around at the end of the day :)

 *reading comics with grandpa *playing with Hilary's old horse barn *He is in love with Clint's new workout rings! He can swing and flip on those things so well!

 *Helping daddy install the doggie door *Lindsay sent him a new dolphin puppet and that day he used it for many things. *That night he slept with his coyote and dragon puppets on. 

 *hanging out at Town Hall Park in Avon *climbing at Washington Township park...he did so well on this! *He ate that whole corndog at the fair!

 *swinging on the rings *playdate with granny and Ady at our house *more climbing

*intense air hockey game *riding more equipment at the fair *chillin with Coco Puff

swinging on the workout rings

singing Bingo

climbing at the park

reading in bed

playing with his crane truck

swimming with papa

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