Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we took a trip to St. Joseph's, Michigan to go to Silver Lake Beach. It is just over 3 hours away so it was an easy trip. We left just after 7 on Saturday morning but with a stop to feed Beckham, a bathroom stop, and several missed turns, we got there right around 11. When we first got to the beach, it had just stopped raining and it was super windy and cloudy. As we pulled into the park's parking lot, the attendant told us there was no swimming due to the waves/current. 

Red flag. Womp womp. 

However, the clouds cleared pretty quickly and it warmed up quickly! Parker didn't care too much about getting in the water anyways. 

He had a ton of fun playing in the sand with daddy. I kind of wish I had taken more pictures but this wasn't his first beach trip :)

Mike, Jennifer, Amy. Eric, and Ady showed up later in the afternoon. Parker was super excited to play with papa!

I spent a lot of Saturday hanging out with Beckham, keeping him cool in the tent.

 I forgot to bring my phone charger so my phone died that evening. That night we went to a casual steakhouse for dinner which was so-so. The service was so slow and Clint and I were both exhausted. We went back to our hotel after dinner and we all crashed out! Clint didn't wear enough sunscreen so he was burnt really bad. So bad in fact that he developed shingles for the 8th time. He realized it was popping up on Tuesday and I think this is his worst case yet :( He has a steroid so hopefully it wont take long to clear up!

Sunday we ate breakfast at our hotel, which wasn't too bad for a freebie :) Then we hit the beach getting there about 8:30. Parker and I did lots of digging, building, splashing, and playing while Clint and Beckham napped in the tent. The water was so calm and it was nice to get to the beach early, before the crowd and the heat. 

We packed up about noon, grabbed some lunch then came home! It was such a beautiful place, we hope to go back soon!

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