Parker Update!

Blogging has been hard to keep up on with the end of the school year and end of this pregnancy approaching so I haven't had any Parker updates in a while.

With school finally out I finally have some time to rest and not feel stressed or overtired. Parker has been very good to me this last week and a half! He has been great with his naps and we have had a lot of fun! He is definitely good at playing by himself off and on too, especially when I am tired of crawling around or sitting on the floor.

Since I haven't shared much of Parker, I decided to college again! I also condensed my videos into one video for each month since January. So enjoy if you like :)


I shared pictures from January already but here is a collage for February:

Apparently I only took 2 videos in February and they are him running in his underwear, so no video for that month!




Well I started this particular blog post while school was still in session! I tried making all the photo collages before Beckham was born but they were taking forever! Then finally I found the site which made collages for you! So now I don't want to waste anymore time writing about our you can make up your own adventures for us as you look through our pictures and videos :)

Now I feel mostly caught up with my blogging so hopefully I can keep it up :)

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